Meet Your Instructor

NICK VELASQUEZ is a passionate learner and devoted student of mastery. He’s the bestselling author of “Learn, Improve, master” and founder of the popular blog, where he writes about learning science, peak performance, creativity, and mastering skills. His writing has been featured in outlets such as TIME, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Lifehack, and Thought Catalogue. Nick speaks multiple languages and spends his time between Tokyo and Montréal.


Most of our behavior is directed by habits. Once we build them, they subconsciously influence our decisions and our actions. This is the benefit and the danger of habits. If you build the right ones, they will improve your life behind the scenes, but if you build the wrong ones, they can destroy it. 

Habits draw their force from a compound effect: Small actions every day that when reinforced over a long enough timeframe create lasting change. Eating junk food one day is not a big deal, for instance, but if you eat junk food every day for months or years it will have a major negative effect on your health. 

The same is true for good habits. Saving a few dollars every day may not seem like much in the short term, but if you keep doing it week after week, you can end up with a comfortable retirement or plenty of funds for your kid’s education. 

Welcome to the Mastering Habits course: The Principles and Strategies for lasting change. I’m excited to have you on board. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned through years researching and coaching people on how to form habits, how to make them stick, and how to use them to transform their lives.